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56 - Beef Tomatoes

On the 56th episode of Screen Fiends, we discuss the scores that we feel films do not deserve on the popular site Rotten Tomatoes!

*Game of Thrones Season 7 Episode 3 Spoilers 13:30-23:40*

Plus the usual what we watched and the news!

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55 - Comic-Conned?

San Diego Comic Con 2017 happened, and we discuss all the news and trailers that came out of it!

Plus we talk about the second episode of Game of Thrones which Zoe has a little issue with... (Spoiler talk 7:14-19:00)

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54 - Marvel Together Strong!

Where do we begin?

In our 54th episode, we talk about War For The Planet Of The Apes and the first episodes of Game of Thrones Season 7

There’s big news surrounding the new Doctor in Doctor Who.

Then there’s even bigger news that was announced at this years D23 Expo

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53 - True Believers

Here it is, our review of Spider-Man Homecoming! 

We go full on spoiler talk here, so make sure you have seen it!

Also, Jon and Zoe discuss Castlemania, and Chris has some news about Wonder Woman 2...

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52 - Sequels: This Time It’s Personal

Sequels. They're here whether we like them or not. However, if there were some sequels we would actually want to see, what would they be?

Elsewhere in the news, we discuss Michelle Rodriguez wanting to leave the Fast and the Furious franchise and discuss many of the trailers that were released this week. Is Chris a brony?

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The Goblin Invasion of Greenfields **A Special D&D Episode**

Jon, Zoe, and Chris play Dungeons & Dragons for the first time with our Dungeon Master Stief to guide us.

Let us know if you liked this episode and maybe we'll do another one...

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51 - We Got That GLOWing Feeling

Netflix has a new series that we all watched. GLOW. Is it worth watching? Find out what we think

*GLOW SPOILERS* - 57:00-1:06:00

We also talk about the latest rumour to come out about the new Justice League trailer, and finally, we talk about what we like to watch to make us feel better. Our comfort media.

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50 Reasons Why…

We've hit 50 episodes! Which is quite an achievement we think. So we tell you our Top 50 things since we started this little podcast.

Also, Jurassic World 2 gets a title, The Han Solo movie gets a NEW director, and Venom will be a part of the MCU?

Thank you all for listening and sticking around for 50 episodes. Much more to come with lots of ideas in the pipeline

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49 - Games! Games! Games!

There were some huge announcements at this year's E3 conference, and we talk through them all. What did we like? What didn't we like? What was the game of the show? All shall be revealed.

But it's not all about games you know! We discuss the Black Panther trailer and poster that was released earlier this week, and as always we talk about what we watched.

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48 - Men Are From Atlantis, Women Are From Themyscira

Wonder Woman has finally hit British theatres. Is it any good and is it worthy of that 93% score on Rotten Tomatoes? 

Chris, Zoe, and Jon have some opinions that may surprise you.

Also in the episode, Chris has a passionate rant about something that's been on his mind. There was some very shocking revelations made by Mark Hamill about Star Wars Episode 8, and Zoe's plan to catch all Pokemon may have hit a snag...

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