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83 - Oscar De-Bait

Anime, Goldeneye, Silicon Valley. It's all happening!

Plus there's a debate about whether straight to Netflix films should be eligiglbe to be nominated for an Oscar.

Remember, if in doubt, slap a dick on it.

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82 - #openworldproblems

The usual disucssions of things that were in the news, what we watched and a bit of an interesting discussion on Open World games

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81 - To Infinity and Beyond

Yes oh yes oh yes, Marvel released the new Infinity War trailer and we discuss the endless posibilities it has to surprise us.

Also we talk about what we watched this week and some exciting anouncements that happened also.

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80 - And The Vibranium Goes To…

The snow has cleared. Which means we're back!

We get straight to talking about what we watched during the gap. Then comes the main discussion of Black Panther and the 90th Oscars!

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79 - Fanny Fudger and the Great Glass Dildo

Yea, we admit it. The title is a little out there. You'll need to listen to find out what it all means

We talk through the trailers that were released this week including Incredibles 2, Deadpool 2, and Venom.

Plus, we play a little bit of trivia


78 - A Super Bowl of Coco Flops…?

Chris and Zoe got to see Coco this week. Their opinions differ from Jon's. Some slightly strange ones too...

We also talk about the awesome trailers that were released during the Super Bowl!

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77 - The One Where Chris Won The Pub Quiz

We're back after 2 weeks and we discuss everything we watched and the 2 weeks worth of news!

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76 - The Ultimate 2018 Preview

We take a look at all the things we're excited to watch and play this year. Can it top 2017? Who knows?!

Also, Chris and Jon differ opinions on The Shape of Water, and Zoe gets that glint in her eye again talking about a book series she's been reading.

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75 - That’s Sooooo 2017

We're back! We missed you.

On this episode, we bring you all the results from the Golden Globes. What we did and watched over the Christmas break, and end it with the most important award ceremony of them all... The Fiendies!

It feels good to be back


A Special Christmas Message

Jon wrote another end of year poem and we'd like to share it with you.

Merry Christmas!