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70 - Has Justice Been Served?

Justice League has finally hit theatres. We have been talking about the trials and tribulations the DCU has gone through. Have DC cracked it? Listen to find out.

Marvel also released The Punisher on Netflix and Chris and Zoe have opposing thoughts

What did you think of Justice League? Are we a little too harsh?

Let us know!


69 - Loot Skywalker

Oh EA, why do you let us down so much? You've probably heard in the gaming world that reviews for Star Wars Battlefront II have not been kind. It's all down to one thing; Loot Boxes. We discuss whats so wrong with them and why this is a bad move by EA.

There's also news that a Metal Gear film may be happening! But Chris is not so keen. Jon is upset to learn that the dark universe franchise may already be dead. Zoe didn't bring any news, but she did watch plenty of things too.

Thanks for listening. Let us know what you think about everything we talk about



68 - Mighty Marvel Movies Marked

So what is the best Marvel movie? Find out as we countdown all 17 films released by the MCU thus far.

There's also some juicy news developing between Disney and 20th Century Fox...

Thanks for listening. Let us know your top Marvel films!


67 - Thor: Ragnarocked or Hella Bad?

So much to cover this week!

Jon has finally played Super Mario Odyssey. Does it live up to all his expectations?

Zoe finished Naruto! How did she find it?

Chris watched Season 2 of Stranger Things. Is it just as good as the first?

Finally, Thor Ranarok is out and we give our thoughts

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66 - Execute Order 66

We're back after a week in a brand new studio!

We talk about all the things we watched and all the trailers we missed!

It feels good to be back!

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65 - May The Porgs Be With You

The final Star Wars trailer arrived this week and we dive into it scene by scene!

Chris also shares a story of him trying to book advanced tickets for Star Wars.

Finally, the fandom of Rick and Morty have officially gone mad trying to obtain some Szechuan sauce.

Thanks for listening. Let us know what you thought of the latest Star Wars trailer!




64 - Naruto 2: Electric Boogaloo

We're back for episode 64. Yes, Zoe is still watching Naruto. Find out how far in she is.

Jon is happy for the return of Curb Your Enthusiasm and all of Chris' favourite shows returned this week.

Plus, we all talk about what's coming out at the end of the year that we're looking forward to the most

Thanks for listening! Did you catch the words we mentioned...?


63 - Tailor Made Sequel?

There's a lot of trailers to digest this week and Chris isn't too pleased with one of them. There's also a follow-up on the easter egg that was hidden in the Nintendo Switch.

Finally, we bring our thoughts on Kingsman The Golden Circle.

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62 - You Know Nothing Jon Zo

Anyone for a game of Mastermind...?

The Screen Fiends put their knowledge to the test!

Also, Jon's visits Nintendo corner again and brings us all the news that came out of Nintendo direct.

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61 - An Apple A Day Keeps JJ With Rey

We're not ones to boast, but we love the title of this episode.

As always we discussed what we watched. Is Chris finally getting into Game of Thrones? Any more volleyball anime watching by Zoe? What did Jon select for Geek 2.0 this week?

Elsewhere in the news, we talk Star Wars, DC (again...) and Apple who hosted their keynote event this week. There are some mixed feelings, to say the least.

Then to top it all off, we play a very quick and fun game. Let us know how you did!

Thank you for listening and following.

See ya'll next week!